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"Hands down, the best session I have ever attended in my 25 year career."

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Leadership Development Training Programme


Hi and thanks for stopping by!


Maybe it's just me, but I think it's difficult to know what to include on a website. You want to assure people you can be trusted to do a great job for them, but don't want to sound too arrogant. So, here are a few snippets of info that might prompt you to taking the next step and get in touch.


Many thanks, Ed

My background in Sports Psychology, Personal Training and running multi-million pound health clubs continues to influence much of the work I do to this day.  It taught me a thing or two about business, finance and strategic acumen, but also, and probably most importantly, about people.

How to motivate, inspire, encourage and challenge people to be the best version of themselves. 


I've been very fortunate over the years to work with thousands of people from all walks of life.

I'd like to think I've made a difference.


Here are a few highlights

 Professional Speaking:  I am immensely proud to work so closely with Sunday Times Bestselling Author, Paul McGee delivering his life-changing SUMO material throughout the UK.

 Business:  I thoroughly enjoy training and coaching on leadership, change, communication, strategic planning, resilience, well-being and other topics which draws on over 20 years of experience and expertise having held senior positions in Operations, Sales and Marketing as well as General Management roles.

 Education:  Being rated Outstanding by Ofsted for our adult education courses and being awarded the Matrix Standard for our Advice, Information and Guidance in the same month was definitely a high point.

 Mentoring/Coaching:  I have personally trained in excess of 10,000 mentors and have been instrumental in establishing many, many projects throughout the UK. I deliver coaching to individuals and offer a “Pit Stop” service for whole organisations which enables staff members to receive coaching each month either face-to-face or via Skype.

 Charities:  I love to work with all sectors, but the Third Sector is a particular passion for me. As well as delivering leadership and management courses for senior managers, I also provide many course on Self-Confidence, well-being a resilience free of charge in partnership with a charity which supports survivors of domestic abuse.


Training and Coaching

Life Languages International - Certified Communications Coach

Ed Hollamby - ESH Consultancy & Training

I think you'd agree, that we all want to be seen, heard, and understood at work and at home.  Most relationships fail because of miscommunication and misunderstanding; in fact, management consultant and author Peter Drucker says that:


'over 80% of management problems are a result of faulty communication.'


I became a Certified Commuincations Coach in 2015 after using most other personality profiles with my staff and then discovering Life Languages™ only to be blown away by how insightful and accurate it is.  As the only communication tool on the market that is both descriptive and prescriptive, the Kendall Life Languages Profile™ (KLLP™) will reveal how you process all incoming and outgoing communication.


It will also unlock how to identify and speak the languages of the people around you which helps anyone, anywhere, restore, strengthen, and build on their relationships at home and at work.

Since 1985 we have helped hundreds of thousands of individuals, couples, and organisations around the world revolutionise their communication and relationships and in doing so create a positive and productive environment where people grow and prosper.


SUMO has been used extensively around the world.  It equips people with the insights, inspiration and practical tools to achieve better results in life, whilst having more fun in the process.

It’s an acronym that depending on the context can stand for ‘Shut Up, Move On’ 

or ‘Stop, Understand, Move On’.  Interestingly, in Latin, SUMO can mean ‘Choose’ and at the heart of our work, is a desire to help people make wise and better choices – not only in their professional lives, but their personal lives also.

I have worked closely with the author of SUMO, Paul McGee for many years.  In that time I have shared SUMO with audiences throughout the UK and across all industry sectors.  Whether I am delivering a keynote at a conference for CEO's of global companies, an inset day for teachers or spending a day unpacking the SUMO Principles as part of leadership development programmes I know the insights, inspiration and practical hints, tips and suggestions make a lasting difference.


Keynote Speaker

Additionally, I deliver the SUMO Presentation Skills Masterclass on behalf of Paul.  You see, we can all talk.  And in everyday life we’re faced with situations where we have to speak, to sell, to persuade or to influence others. But the problem many of us face is getting people to listen. Getting people to be engaged, to be inspired by what we are saying. 


Right now there are millions of presentations taking place around the world.  But how many of them are really engaging with their audience?  That’s why it pays to learn from experts. 



In the last 17 years there have not been many weeks when I have not had a speaking engagement of some sort. 
I'm delighted to say that the vast majority are as a result of referrals and repeat business.
I'd like to think that tells you something,
but here are a few extracts of feedback and a couple of videos for you to check out...  
ROTC, Scotland
SUMO Intro


"I wanted to write personally to thank you for the presentation you gave at our Staff Conference yesterday.   It was great to finish the event with such a thought-provoking and motivational message. 

We've already had some brilliant feedback and I think the staff are inspired to consider how their approach can influence outcomes in these challenging times! 

It was great to meet you and I hope you enjoyed the day too."

Teresa Jennings - Chief Executive, NCompass



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